Overwatch Rules

Sign ups and donations are due no later than 1 hour before the event.

Check In:
We utilize Discord for all communications. Check in is 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. All information about the event will be posted there, and it is the easiest way to contact any TO. If you have any questions or concerns about using Discord’s voice communication services please contact cbg.ugl@gmail.com

You will be provided with a link upon signup

Tournament Set Up:
Our tournament is 6v6 Single Elimination, Best of Three. In the finals, it will be Best of 5. We utilize OW Draft for each team to strike a map. The last three(or five in the finals) will be the maps that we play.

Game Rules
All games follow comp rules.

Connection Issues
If a player disconnects midgame, we will pause the match and attempt to figure out the issue. If the issue is on the tournament player’s side, then we will wait 5 minutes before resuming the tournament. If a player on the same team disconnects again, we will give 3 minutes for the player to reconnect before resuming the match. If they disconnect a third time, the tournament will continue on whether or not that player can connect.

If the connection issues are TO-Side, we will pause the game, and try to fix the situation. If we disconnect before pausing the game, we will try every possible way to reconnect asap. If we cannot reconnect for that game, we will look at our replays and recreate the scenario as accurately as possible. If both teams are not satisfied, and agree to restart the match, we will. If they cannot agree, we will recreate it as closely as possible regardless.

If any player is caught cheating, the player AND their team will be immediately disqualified. Cheating is using any external program or script designed to give a player or team an unfair advantage, exploiting known or unknown map/hero glitches, or impeding your opponent’s ability to play (i.e. DDoSing, threats, etc.)

Any accusations or reports must come during the tournament.